Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas to be held on 25th July

Tiatr Academy Goa will organize its monthly programme ‘Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas’ dedicated to the memories of the tiatr artistes who are no more living and who have contributed immensely for the development of tiatr in the past. The artistes who were born in a particular month will be remembered in the programme. The artistes of yester years who were born in the month of July are A.M.B. Rose, Alexinho de Candolim, Domnick Vaz, Carmo Rod, Fr. Freddy J. Da Costa, Antonio Moraes, Joao Inacio D’Souza and Thomas Aguelino Fernandes (Peter Champion).

In order to remember these artistes a special programme is organized on Wednesday, 25th July 2012 at 4:45 pm at the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

On this occasion veteran tiatr artistes Shri. John Claro Fernandes and Former President of TAG Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo will speak on the works of these late artistes.

The contribution of these stalwarts of the tiatr stage in brief is:-

A.M.B. Rose
Ambrosio Carlisto Piedade Fernandes who was popularly known as A.M.B. Rose hails from Aldona and was the father of legendary singer Alfred Rose. Born on 31st July 1899 A.M.B. Rose contributed immensely for the tiatr stage mainly as a character actor, acting in tiatrs directed by almost all the stalwarts of tiatr stage. He himself staged two of his own productions ‘Ghatkeponnacho Inam’ and ‘Jadu’. He died on 6th April 1982.

Alexinho de Candolim
Incidently next year it happens to be the 100th Birth Anniversar of Alexinho de Candolim. Alexinho Fernandes known as Alexinho de Candolim hails from Candolim, Bardez Goa. Born on 9th July 1913 he wrote, directed and staged about 26 tiatrs. His most popular tiatrs were ‘Goycho Posorkar’, ‘Ram Ram Bauji’, ‘To Bhavtto Dhormacho’ and ‘Amchea Xetachi Pavnni’. A progressive writer and director of his times Shri. Alexinho de Candolim died on 16th July 1963.

Domnick Vaz
Domnick Vaz a fine composer and a singer hails from Varca, Salcete Goa. Born on 6th July 1929 Domnick Vaz contributed a lot for the development of tiatr particularly to songs ‘Kantaram’. His songs were meaningful and people always appreciated his singing. He also composed songs for many audio cassettes which became hit.

Carmo Rod
Carmo Rod was also a prominent singer of tiatr stage. Born on 16th July 1939 Carmo Rod hailed from Assolna, Salcete Goa. He had a beautiful voice and could sing songs in Konkani as well as in English. Because of his attractive voice he was requested to sing the immortal number ‘Nach Atanche’ from the film ‘Nirmonn’. During Opinion Poll in 1967 Carmo Rod sang a solo ‘Don Panam’ which aroused feelings among the true Goans. He expired on 13th August 1975.

Fr. Freddy J. Da Costa
Fr. Freddy J. Da Costa, a Catholic priest and a great lover of Konkani was a talented writer. Born on 20th July 1953 and hailing from Varca, Fr. Freddy was a founder member of Dalgado Konknni Akademi and published a magazine named ‘Gulab’ in Konkani in Romi Script which have become very popular among the Goans world wide. He has written and produced hit tiatrs like ‘Niz Mog’, ‘Utt Goykara’, ‘Ghorabo’, ‘Khata Pita Dev Dita’ and has produced a number of Konkani audio albums namely ‘Goychem Git’, ‘Niz Mog’, ‘Jivit’, ‘Goycho Manddo’, ‘Mother Theresa’, etc.

Antonio Moraes
Born on 13th July 1924 at Benaulim has dedicatedly served the Konkani stage particularly the Khell-Tiatr stage for many years. He has been a very good director, musician and a writer. He had written and directed more than 50 Khell-Tiatrs some of which are ‘Sorg’, ‘Mhojim Bhurgim, ‘Onupkari Put’, etc. He was an excellent player of trumpet, drum and base guitar and was awarded Goa State Cultural Award for music in 2006-2006.
Joao Inacio D’Souza
Born on 2nd July 1921 Joao Inacio D’Souza hailed Vasco da Gama, Goa. A very good singer as composed and sung Konkani kantaram.

Thomas Aguelino Fernandes (Peter Champion)
One of the most versatile comedians of tiatr stage Peter Champion hailed from Cortalim and was born on 21st July 1932. He was also known for his comedy solos and was member of the group ‘Young Stars of Goa’ of his times. Peter Champion has also written and produced tiatrs and ‘Bacro Kut Zalem?’ was one of his famous tiatr.

Socorro de Santa Cruz, a well-known tiatr artiste will present some of the songs of these late artistes. 

Tiatr lovers are requested to attend in large numbers.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Shri. Victor de Sa,Member secretary,TAG, presenting a memento to Luciano Dias. Also seen Joy Fernandes Cultural organiser,TAG.

TAG’s Meet the Artiste - Luciano recalls his past memories

It was a memorable experience for Domingos Xavier Dias popularly known as Luciano as he recollected his fond memories on the tiatr stage with the help of his colleagues and fans. Luciano was speaking at the Meet the Artiste – ‘Kolakarak Bhett’, a monthly programme of Tiatr Academy Goa on 29th June 2012 at the Black Box of Ravindra Bavan, Margao.

At the age of 79 with fading memory Luciano recounted his happy moments when he used to sing along with his brother late Aristides Dias on the tiatr stage and with all the stalwarts of tiatr stage. He further stated that he first stepped on the tiatr stage at the age of 18 in a village tiatr. His first break on the professional tiatr stage was in Alexinho de Candolim’s tiatr ‘Ho Bavtto Dhormancho’ and thereafter he marched ahead. He penned down and sang around 800 Konkani songs which included mostly solos besides duets, duos, trios.

It was evident that Luciano was one of the most versatile and popular singers of his times from the testimonies and presence of a large number of his fans and tiatr artistes on the occasion. Replying to a question from the audience on his stage name Luciano he replied that there was opposition from the family members to act in tiatrs in the beginning and to avoid being caught he took the name of his godmother and thus became very popular as Luciano later.

One of his nephews also informed that besides singing Luciano was very good at sports. He was an All Goa Champion for 3 consecutive years as a long distance marathon runner. The Portuguese wanted to take Luciano to Portugal but his father turned down this offer.

The function was attended by Luciano’s fans and popular tiatr artistes namely Master Vaz, C. D’Silva, Jessie, Clara, Platilda, Rico Rod, Patrick Dourado, Prince Jacob, Anil Kumar, Star of Curtorim, Osvi Viegas, Connie M, Bonifacio Dias, besides Irene Cardozo, A. Friend, etc.

Luciano rendered two of his favourite solos. His son Peter and grand niece Roshelle also sang a song each which enthralled the audience.

Earlier Shri. Victor de Sa, Member Secretary of TAG introduced the artiste to the audience and welcomed the gathering. Shri. Joy Fernandes compered the function and proposed a vote of thanks.