Tuesday, 13 March 2012


‘Mog Mogan Jiye’ Bags 1st Prize

A Scene from !st Prize winning Tiatr 
‘Mog Mogan Jiye’ a tiatr written and directed by Comedian Domnic (Domnic Coelho) bagged the 1st prize in the 3rd Popular Tiatr Festival organized by Tiatr Academy Goa. ‘Uleak Zap Di’ written and directed by Prince Jacob and ‘Xirlo’ written and directed by Mario Menezes won the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.

Prince Jacob
Best Direction 1st Prize
Comedian Domnic
Best Direction 2nd Prize


Mario Menezes
Best Direction 3rd Prize

Prince Jacob (Uleak Zap Di), Domnic Coelho (Mog Mogan Jiye) and Mario Menezes (Xirlo) were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively for direction.

Pradeep Naik who acted as Rohan in ‘Mog Mogan Jiye’ was adjudged as Best Male Actor while 
Felcy Fernandes as Sibal also in ‘Mog Mogan Jiye’ was awarded the Best Female Actor in the competition. Prince Jacob (Damiao) and Diana Fernandes (Rozalin) both in ‘Uleak Zap Di’ were awarded 2nd prizes in acting in male and female category. Rosalia (Lia) in ‘Priai’ was awarded a special prize for acting recommended by the jury.

Luis Bachan (Titiv) and Aplon da Cruz (Gilermin) both from ‘Mog Mogan Jiye’ were adjudged as Best Male and Best Female Comedians respectively. In the singing category Benny de Aldona from tiatr ‘Mog Mogan Jiye’ was adjudged Best Male singer while Rosy Alvares from the tiatr ‘Xirlo’ was chosen as the Best Singer Female.

The detailed result is as under:-

1. Best Performance
  1. ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’         - Comedian Domnic Coelho
  2. ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’                  - Prince Jacob
  3. XIRLO’                                 - Mario Menezes

2. Best Direction
  1. Prince Jacob                 - ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’
  2. Domnic Coelho            - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’
  3. Mario Menezes            - ‘XIRLO’

3. Acting – FEMALE (2nd prize to be given first)
Best Actor Female
  1. Felcy Fernandes           - Sibal-             ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’
  2. Diana Fernandes           - Rosalin-         ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’
  3. Rosalia                         - Lia-           ‘PIRAI’ (Jury Award)

Pradeep Naik
Best Actor Male

4. Acting – MALE
  1. Pradeep Naik   - Rohan -         ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’
  2. Prince Jacob     - Damiao -       ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’

5. Comedian –FEMALE
  1. Aplon D’Cruz   - Gilermin -       ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’

6. Comedian -MALE
  1. Luis Bachan                  - Titiv               - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’

Comedian Female
Luis Bachan
Comedian Male
7. Upcoming Artiste-FEMALE
  1. Sonia Diniz- Sonia    - ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’

8. Upcoming Artiste-MALE
  1. Eddie- Eddie D’Souza – ULEAK ZAP DI

9. Actor in Negative Role-FEMALE
  1. Rosy Alvares                            - Crizel – ‘XIRLO’

10. Actor in Negative Role-MALE
  1. Mario Menezes                        - Rio    - ‘XIRLO’
Rosy Alvares
Actor in Negative Role Female

11. Child artiste – FEMALE 
  1. Britney Carvalho                  - Ria     - ‘KONNUCH NOKO’

12. Child artiste – MALE
  1. Aron Rodrigues  (Rizmond)      - ‘KONNUCH NOKO’

13. Best Script
  1. Domnic Coelho                        - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE
  2. Prince Jacob                             - ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’   

14. Best Setting   
  1.  ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’                 - Kamalakant Chari

15. Best Light Effects  
  1.  ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’                 - John Fernandes

16. Best Music (Live Band)
  1. ‘XIRLO’                                 - Augusto de Panchwadi

17. Best Make-up        
  1. ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’      - Jewel Fernandes

18. Best Costumes         

19. Best Background Music              
  1. ‘XIRLO’

20. Best Lyrics                                         
  1.  ‘Moronn’                   - ‘KURL’LEO’ – Connie M
  2. ‘Cardanchi Pack’       –   ‘KURL’LEO’ - Godwin

21. Best Singing – FEMALE
  1.  ‘Devak Okman Korikana’               - ‘XIRLO’ – Rosy Alvares
  2. ‘Devak Diunk Podttoli Zodtti’           - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’ – Felcy

22. Best Singing – MALE
  1.  ‘Ekuch Advogad’      - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’ – Benny de Aldona
  2. ‘Panch Bottam’          - ‘XIRLO’ – Tony de Ribandar

23. Child Singer- FEMALE
            Not given as there were no deserving participants

24. Child Singer – MALE
  1. ‘Ami Fuddarache Dive’         - ‘KONNUCH NOKO’ – Aaron Rodrigues

25.  Best Comedy Kantar (solo, duet,duo,trio,quartet)
  1.  ‘Beiman Tiatrist’       - ‘XIRLO’ – Ben Evangelisto, Joana

26. Best Choral Song
  1.  ‘Sot Uloi’                  - ‘KRISTANV’ – Reginald, Jane

27. Best Duo
  1. ‘Xristi Sambalat’        - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’ – Felcy, Aplon

28. Best Duet
  1. ‘Onith’                        - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’ – Felcy, Alias

29. Best Trio
  1.  ‘Dhorm’                     - ‘ULEAK ZAP DI’ – Bernard, Ignatius, Cosma

30. Best Quartet
  1.  ‘Salesman’                 - ‘MOG MOGAN JIYE’ – Com Domnic, Alias, Albert & Bab Andrew

Ist Prize Winners 'Mog mogan Jiye' seen with the Chief Guest 
Shri. Premanand Lotlikar, Shri. Mariano Almeida and Shri. Rajiv Hede were judges for the competition. The awards were presented in a special Award Presentation Function yesterday, i.e 12th March 2012 at the Pai Tiatrist Hall, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. Shri. Vishnu Surya Wagh, MLA St. Andre Constituency was the Chief Guest and gave away the main awards. Speaking on the occasion he congratulated Tiatr Academy Goa for organizing numerous activities for the development of tiatr. Others who presented awards on the occasion were Master Vaz, John Claro Fernandes, C.D’Silva, Rico Rod, Sabina, Jessie Dias, Marcelino de Betim, Anil Kumar, Premanand Lotlikar, Mariano Almeida and Rajiv Hede.
2nd Prize Winners 'Uleak Zap Di' seen with the Chief Guest 

Mario Menezes  Director of  'Xirlo' receiving 3rd prize from the Chief Guest
Earlier Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG welcomed and later Shri. Roseferns, Vice President of TAG proposed a vote of thanks. Shri. Daniel F. de Souza compered the function.


TAG Releases Two More Books

Books of Tiatr Scripts Released

“The efforts of Tiatr Academy Goa for developing tiatr in all respects and for preserving tiatr literature by publishing books for future generations is commendable” stated Fr. Kyriel D’Souza, Provincial of Goa Province, Society of Pilar. He was addressing the gathering after releasing two books of scripts of tiatr published by Tiatr Academy Goa on 4th March 2012 at the Black Box, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Chieg Guest Fr. Kyriel D'Souza s.f.x Releasing the books   
Speaking further Fr. Kyriel D’Souza stated that tiatr and its activities have got an excellent forward push to the development of tiatr because of the formation of Tiatr Academy Goa by the Government of Goa.

Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG in his welcome address stated that although the tiatr is almost 120 years old, yet there is total lack of publication of books of the scripts written by hundreds of tiatr artistes. It is for this reason that scripts of artistes of yester years are not found in present times for undertaking study of tiatr and its activities   
                                                                               in the past.

Shri. Jose Salvador Fernandes, Secretary, Dalgado Konknni Akademi shared his views on the book ‘Dev Podvedar’ and ‘Divea Pondak’ written by Shri. Anil Kumar, while Shri. Vincy Quadros, spoke on the merits and demerits of the book ‘Avoyn Kelem Pap, Putan Dili Zap written by late William de Curtorim.

Shri. Anil Kumar, writer of ‘Dev Podvedar’ and ‘Divea Pondak’ expressed his thanks and appealed other writers to come forward to publish their manuscripts into book form. Jacinta Menezes, wife of late William de Curtorim also expressed her gratitude to Tiatr Academy Goa for publishing William de Curtorim’s book.

Shri. Joy Fernandes, Cultural Organizer of TAG compered and also proposed a vote of thanks.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

RESULTS OF TAG's ‘ 1st Zomnivoilo Khell Festival'

‘Konnak Ravta’ wins 1st Prize

'Konnak Ravta' - 1st award winning Khell
‘Konnak Ravta’- ‘Zomnivoilo Khell’ written and directed by Jack Rodson won the first place in the ‘Poilo Khell Mohotsav’ (1st Festival of Khells) organized by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) at the Mini Open Air Auditorium, Kala Academy Panjim recently.

‘Maha Patki’ written and directed by Vitorino Pereira bagged the 2nd place while ‘Kator’ written and directed by Conny Dias won the 3rd place in the competition. Patrick Dourado and Anil Kumar, both artistes of Konkani stage were the judges.

'Maha Patki' - 2nd award winning Khell
'Kator' - 3rd prize winning Khel

TAG has organized this festival in order to give an opportunity to the people of Tiswadi to witness ‘Khells’ which are normally held in the South of Goa during Carnival season. The 2 day festival created a lot of interest among the lovers of Khell and attracted good crowds to witness the Khells on both the days.

Timoteo Fernandes, the 1st recipient of Goa State Cultural Award for Folklore inaugurated the festival by lighting the traditional lamp in the presence of Shri.Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG and Shri.Patrick Dourado and Shri.Anil Kumar, both artistes of Konkani stage.

The awards will be presented to the winners on 12th March 2012 at 3:30 pm at the Pai Tiatrist Joao Agostinho Fernandes Auditorium, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.